Apr 3, 2009

Thank You

this week almost over.. so that the horrible_yet_killing softly_exam week. only one exam left, sensor and actuator for tomorrow. Aye! Aye! Aye! actually, i haven't prepare for tomorrow.. I don't have a book, a lecture's note, or anythings related to the subject. I'll deal with it later..

yesterday was the climax of this stressful week. Got 2 exam in the same day, and got empty brain to fight it. my biggest problem is my ability to solve kind of mathematical problem was rather bad... particularly on calculus things, when they asked you to solve such creepy equation full of greece symbol.

ah... capek nulis pakai english. back to Bahasa saja. hohohoho.. *gak konsisten mode ON*

kalau mau 'be positive', ada banyak hal yang saya dapat seminggu ini. selain kurang tidur dan stres tentunya. ada sahabat, ada manajemen emosi, ada sabar, ada semangat, dan ada-ada yang lainnya.

bersyukur untuk semuanya.
Terima Kasih Ya Allah.

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